Creative Hotspots Recap!

After returning with a cold from Tallinn we have now fully recovered to sum up our days in this years cultural European Capital. Here are some pics and impressions from my stay in Estonia.

After arriving late on wednesday night Ralph invited me to a nice dinner, afterwards the cold convinced me to stay in the hotel plus three busy days ahead of us.

The first day started with the official press conference of the Tallinn Music Week.

Afterwards Ralph hosted his first panel about the sustainability of European Capitals. It was very interested and highly political topic with panelists from Liverpool, Essen, Turku and Tallinn but definitly stuck out in between the rather business and marketing related panels that were held during the Creative Hotspots day hosted by the British Council. They brought together British and Northern and Eastern European entrepreneurs and creatives to exchange thoughts in various panels and workshops. A very smart move also to open eastern Europe and the Baltics to British ideas.

The star of the day seemed to have been Ville Heijari (on the left) from Finland, one of the developers of Angry Birds, which is one of the most popular iphone apps of the last years. For me it was very interesting to see the very global approach that entrepreneurs from small countries like Estonia, Slovenia or Finland take on compared to Germany. Of course it is an obligation for them to explore bigger markets since their home markets are not big enough. For germans the step of going global seems to be harder since their home market is usually enough to conquer.

The day ended with a nice walk through the historic part of the town, interesting but freezing cold due to the wind. But the night just started! I met a lot of interesting people including three swedish guys. One turned out to be the drummer of Dag För Dag, a band, who I share common friends with in Cologne. Small small world! We headed to the city to see some estonian bands in one of the nice clubs in town called Van Grahl (not to be mixed up with the Bayern Munich coach Van Gaal). The party was shut down by the police at 2am. Supposingly this is normal in this bar since the portugese ambassador keeps complaining to the police about the noise, so they have to show up.

I ended the night with a few finnish guys in an estonian home. I always like to see how people really live rather than stay only in hotels and tourist bars. We talked about the Melvins a band all of the guys highly admired and which encouraged them to take the ferry over to Helsinki soon.

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